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EGS is partnered with James Hutton Limited to create value for our clients by providing them with convenient access to Hutton’s world leading XRD services. These and other James Hutton Limited capabilities are complementary to the high-quality biostratigraphy, sample management, and cuttings analysis workflows offered by EGS and allow operators to maximize value from their reservoir samples.

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EGS and Ecotek are teamed up to work collaboratively in terms of commercializing new technology and delivering new services to the oil and gas industry.


EGS and New England Research (NER) are teamed up to provide AutoScan services in Houston. The AutoScan platform includes interchangeable quick-connect probes that measure gas permeability, resistivity, ultrasonic compressional/shear wave velocities, composition (FTIR and XRF), mechanical strength, and elastic stiffness. All property measurements are spatially correlated and represent near-surface data.

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