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About Us

Ellington Geological Services has a team of highly-trained, dedicated professionals and technicians that truly understand the importance of the data contained in rocks and the care required to protect, preserve, and extract valuable data information.  The company history goes back to 1989 and it has been more than 30 years.  We continue to offer premium oil field services worldwide that include Biostratigraphy, Wellsite Services, Cuttings Technologies, Core Scanning & Analyses, Geochemistry, and Sample Management. 

Our company has been set up to do business directly from the US and Mexico. Our employees are located in multiple cities including the main office in Houston, one satellite office in New Orleans, and another satellite office in Perth, Australia.

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Ellington Geological Services

Direct Business Setups

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Ellington Geological Services

Office Locations

Ellington Geological Services

Company Timeline

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Ellington Geological Services


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