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Wellsite Biostratigraphy
Sample Management
Cuttings Technology

List of Services


•  Biostratigraphy Services (Overview)

•  (Wellsite) Biostratigraphy

•  (Pre-drill) Biostratigraphy

•  (Post-well) Biostratigraphy

•  (Others: Hotshot……) Biostratigraphy

•  Palynology

•  Micropaleontology

•  Nannopaleontology

Sample Management:

•  Sample Management (General)

•  (Workflow) Sample Management

•  (Paleo Prep) Sample Management

•  (Solvent Extraction) Sample Management

Cuttings Technology:

•  Innovative Cuttings Workflow

•  Cuttings Technology: SpectralGR

•  Cuttings Technology: NMR

•  Cuttings Technology: FTIR

•  Geochem Analyses: TOC, Pyrolysis, XRF, and XRD

Geochem Services:

•  Geochem Analyses (Rapid Rock Results)

•  LECO TOC (Geochemistry)

•  HAWK Pyrolysis (Geochemistry)

•  XRD Mineralogy (Geochemistry)

•  XRF Elements (Geochemistry)

Other Services:

•  Data Integration Service

•  AutoScan Core Scanning

•  Unconventional Core Analysis Services (NEW!)

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